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the journey of Baithack started with the idea of selling tea hygienically.We specialize in serving traditional Indian chai in clay cups, or kulhads. We believe that the best chai is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and served in a way that respects the centuries-old tradition of chai making.
We believe chai in India is much more than a drink, it is more like a emotion for us. The idea behind baithack was to tap this emotion that binds each one of us.
Baithack is one of the few leading chain that has it all..! Right from refreshing morning chai to delightful dinner, there is something for everyone. We believe in providing our guests a cozy, homely feeling and a nice place to hangout while sipping a Chai.

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Discovering the Love for Tea: Behind every successful venture lies a driving force, and for our founder, it was his intrinsic love for tea. From savoring different brews to exploring rich traditions and cultural experiences, his fascination with tea began at a young age. This love for the beverage would eventually lay the foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavor.

Brewing Success: From MBA HR to the Tea Cafe Empire In a world where passion often meets practicality, , there are rare instances when someone manages to blend the two seamlessly, creating a unique success story. Such is the case with the Founder of Tea Cafe, an MBA HR graduate turned tea entrepreneur. This blog post unravels the journey of a tea lover who harnessed his business acumen and transformed it into a booming empire.

The Secret Ingredients of Success: Behind every mouthwatering dish lies a meticulously crafted recipe. Our team of skilled chefs under Founder pour passion and innovation into every creation, ensuring that each bite is an explosion of flavor. Discover how we harmonize traditional recipes with contemporary techniques to bring out the best in our food items. From signature tea-infused snacks to fusion cuisines that defy expectations, our recipes promise to be a treat for all your senses.


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